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First wallet in history which exchanges the best FIAT currencies into most popular cryptocurrencies.


Timeline of token sales

40 mln eBit coin
0.06$ Current price
40 mln eBit coin
0.12$ -
20 mln eBit coin
0.24$ -
20 mln eBit coin
0.48$ to 01/26/2018

eBit Payment is expecting a growth of the price to 0,96$ after entering the market after 10th February.

eBit PaymentEBITCOIN ?

Now we accept:

eBit Payment


eBit Payment


What is eBit Payment?

Especially for You, we want to reduce the cost of banking. It was for this purpose that we established eBit - The system for processing payments, built in the blockchain era, which limits the number of middlemen. How does this change benefit You?

So far, the financial services sector has been dominated by companies based on a large number of intermediaries. eBit Payments reduces this number to the necessary minimum, which translates into significant cost reductions.

eBit Account

Mobile App

We would like to introduce the eBit Payment App to you, which is now in closed alpha tester phase.
It will be available to the public on the first quarter of 2018 and available both iOS and Android.


Here you can view all the testimonials from our alpha testers all around the world.

eBit Payment

Utilization of funds



Expansion of an existing platform involves costs such as hardware, employee salaries (including bonuses, incentive packages of tokens), employment of external assistance such as pentester, and office space.


Additional workforce

eBit Payment intends to grow at a rapid pace, so we need to hire new employees in the following areas: Marketing, Finance and Legal Finance, HR, Administration and Customer Service.



For a platform to work well and be recognized by a wider audience, it must be available to users, so we are willing to spend 10% on the costs associated with broad marketing. With more users comes more feedback and our ability to adapt and solve problems faster for our users. It is imperative that we create a large society using our platform.


Market and network fluency

Financial market is not the simplest sector to work within. We will need funds to initiate collaboration with other companies in the industry to make transactions as fast as possible. In addition, this will open up new opportunities for even easier financial interactions within the platform.


Licensing, integration, and partnership

As eBit Payment LLC, we need to invest in software licenses, bear the additional costs associated with issuing cards and also costs of "patching" the gap between cryptocurrencies and traditional currencies.

Ebit Payment
Additional workforce
Ebit Payment
Ebit Payment
Market and network fluency
Ebit Payment
Ebit Payment
Licensing, integration, and partnership


I Q 2018

- eBit Payment enters the market
- eBit Payment App
- First eBit Payment LLC branch in London
- Conclusion of a contract with BIT.NXT
- Launch of payment service for the first cryptocurrency trading platform

II Q 2018

- eBit Payment Personal Currency Exchange
- eBit Payment launch of second contract with cryptocurrency mine
- eBit Payment Multi-currency payment Card

III Q 2018

- Introduction of cost management app

I Q 2019

- eBit Payment Bonus Points

IV Q 2019

- eBit Payment Bussines


Exchange rates and restrictions

We accept payments in ETH and BTC. The minimum required investment is 10 ebits. At the begining of sale 1 ebit = 0,06 $.

Timeline of token sales

Token sales will cover a period of 28 days. The Initial Coin Offering will begin on November 24, 2017, at 00.00 am time in Delaware, and will last until January 26, 2018, or until the target is reached - 21.600.000,00 USD. The number of tokens is limited, which means that after the ICO period expires or all of the tokens are purchased, eBitcoin will only be available on cryptocurrency markets.

Transparent payment card

Transparency of services is essential. At eBit, we will offer you a debit card from which you will be able to pay out the FIAT currencies at any ATM in the world - and that is calculated from any cryptocurrency you choose in our application. QR code located on your card will guide you to Your money.

Initial Coin Offering explained

In return for financing the further development of eBit Payment, our earliest users are offered a sale of new cryptocurrencies or tokens. Access to such funds will allow for immediate acceleration of development. It is also an effective way to bypass traditional, much slower financing methods.

Services offered by eBit Payment

eBit Payment is not a bank, it offers much more than standard bank products - ability to have all of your transactions, accounts, currencies in one place, with the minimal prices for exchange, transfer or card payment. Some of typical features will stay of course. Users will be able to transfer money between them, receive and send standard transfers, in all currencies, in real time.

Being an eBit Payment user is a great benefit to many different levels. Apply for a FIAT credit card at any time, and we will reflect it and secure it in the cryptocurrencies.

How to buy eBits?

Please, refer to video below!

How to exchange to ETH?

Please, refer to video below!

What is your price target for next year ?

Minimum is $0,48 but due to our realization plan and branch opening in January we are sure of 100% price raise up to $0,96.

Where I can find more information about how to purchase ?

Just after logging into your account on our site in buying section you can find videos of how to buy instructions on step 3.

How would you comment scam alerts ?

Due to the fact that for some time we did not show our team members a lot of suspicions raised. It all had a reason - we were making new agreements and contracts with companies to ensure safe launch of eBit Payment, and sadly one of the requirements of those agreements was not disclosing any information of the team. We made sure tho that this issue is behind us and we properly introduced the most vital people in hope to assure you of our pure intentions. We also try to improve day by day helping users to feel as comfortable on eBit Payment as possible. It is with our deepest intentions that we make this project a success!

How did you predict the $0,96 price at the time of entering the market ?

Taking into account the whole process of eBit payment we can assure that it will rise. Maybe 0.96$ are our wishes but considering the whitepaper, with we wholeheartedly recommend for users to read, and the process off the eBit Payment working it will automatically raise the value of the coin while people will use them, the more they will be used the better the price will get.

Where I can find information about how to change my Bitcoins for ETH ?

You can see a whole tutorial whithin our website after you log in! Just follow the steps and you will surly manage to do it.

What is the main reason of choosing ICO as the best opportunity to raise money ?

There are several reasons, but I think the main is that it is currently the best and the least limited way to organize funds for specific purposes, and investors have the opportunity to benefit from the ICO that they support, they also contribute to a project they like and which they would like to see in the light day.

Is the amount of 21.600.000 USD enought money for the project to be succeded ?

We made hundred of calculations and due to our future partners and signed contracts we are convinced about that amount.

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